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Toros - Mersin - Turkey

Mersin production plant, one of the three factories of Toros Tarım that produces chemical fertilizers is located at 5 km in the east of Mersin city center, at a location very close to Mersin Seaport. The plant, which was built in 1968 by Akdeniz Gübre Sanayi A.Ş, a Kuwait-Turkish partnership, started production in 1972 and was largely modified as a result of the rehabilitation that was put into practice between 1984 and 1987. After incorporating in Tekfen Holding in 1990, first, and later merging with Toros Tarım in 2005, trade name of Akdeniz Gübre was changed to “Toros Tarım Mersin Production Plant”.

Mersin production plant consists of 5 main production units producing calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) and diammonium phosphate (DAP) fertilizers as well as nitric acid, sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid; other supplementary units such as open and closed storage places and a bagging unit. Approximately 135 personnel are employed in the complex that spread on an area of 1 million square meters.

CAN (26% Nitrogen) unit has 594.000 ton/year fertilizer production capacity. Ammonium nitrate with various nitrogen content such as AN 33% can also be produced at the plant. The plant has a share of 38% in the total production capacity of the country in this category.

DAP unit’s production capacity is 150.000 ton/year. The plant has a share of 28% in the total DAP production capacity in Turkey.

363.000 ton/year nitric acid (100% HNO3); 214.500 ton/year sulphuric acid (98% H2SO4) and 71.000 ton/year phosphoric acid (P2O5) can be produced at the acid units of the plant.

Mersin plant is one of the rare industrial organizations that can generate its own electricity. The power generation unit within the body of the plant consists of a steam turbine generator with a capacity of 7,4 MW and a gas turbine generator with a capacity of 4,7 MW.

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