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Fosbrasil S.A. - Cajati - São Paulo - Brazil - Brazilian Producer of Purified Phosphoric Acid

Some names that made the history: from Monsanto: Ken Wulfert, Steve Domahidi, Aristides Boeira, David Gard, Bill Compton, Antônio Queiroz; from Quimbrasil Serrana: José Luiz Marini, Saulo Meda, João de Brito, Gunther Drewes, Walter Cover, Mário Barbosa; from Prayon Rupel: Michel Peeterbroeck, Bernard Heptia, Marcel Nicolay, Paul Smith, Philippe Renier, Armand Davister, Denis Leruth, to be short. The "ins" were Mário Cerqueira, Vinicius Pergamo, Júlio Awane, Armando Mastandrea, José Maria Zacari, Sérgio Haddad, and more two or three hundreds (counting the turn over...), most of them friends.
Quimbrasil was "inherited" by Vale. Monsanto Phosphates by ICL. Prayon is still the old and good Prayon.
In 1980 they started talking with partners to a Phosphoric Acid Purification Plant (Solvent Extraction with DIPE plus TBP). The process is exquisitelly complex, as Coca Cola (to cite an important client) is very restrictive, requiring a "special food grade" phosphoric acid with 99,98% purity in a 85% H3PO4 water clear solution (61,5% P2O5).
Ingenious technical financial agreement was made (the project almost was sent to Uberaba).
Erected at 230 km south of São Paulo City, started up in 1987 and is still a Brazil's and South America's market leader.
As this joint venture is located inside Vale´s Chemical Complex, we can see in the right Vale´s Tank Farm and some DCP´s facilities around.
I worked there from 1990 to 2006!

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