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Construction FActs of Maaden´s Phosphoric ACid -Fertilizer Complex (by TEfken)


Tekfen Job No 306
Location Ra’s Az Zawr, Saudi Arabia
Client Saudi Arabian Mining Co. - Ma’aden
Contractor Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc. - Litwin Consortium
Final Project Value US$ 525.000.000
Tekfen Portion 35,5%
Commencement 31/05/2007
Completion 30/06/2010

Tekfen signed Contract for Ma’aden Wet Phosphoric Acid Plant in consortium with Litwin. The project covers LSTK contract for the engineering, procurement, construction and erection of Wet Phosphoric Acid Plant with a capacity of 4.380 t/day P2O5 as 48% concentrated Phosphoric Acid, together with neutralization unit, its sludge pond and phosphoric acid / sulphuric acid truck and railway car loading station nearby the plant area.
Tekfen was responsible for the whole construction and erection works as consortium partner and was implementing all construction and erection works at site.


Excavation: 170.000 m3
Backfilling: 175.000 m3
Piles: 4.200 Nos
Structural Reinforced Concrete: 50.000 m3
Structural Steel Installation: 9.000 t
Piping: 2.100 t
CS Pipes: 340 t
RLCS Pipes: 1.200 t
SS Pipes: 130 t
Others: 430 t
Equipment Installation: 6.500 t
Storage Tanks: 900 t
Reactor: 1.100 t
Others: 4.500 t
Cables: 490.000 m
Cable Trays: 380.000 kg

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