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Honouring Paul Smith (updated in January, 10, 2018)

Paul Anthony Smith (*12/22/1944 in England +12/25/2017 Pará de Minas,, Brasil) was a Chemical Engineer.
After graduation in late 60's, he worked in Nitrogen Industry.
With Fisons, he entered Phosphoric Acid world, either in Great Britain as also in Macedonia, Brazil, Poland and the former Soviet Union (among other international designations).
He was, in 70´s and begining of 80's, employee of Arafértil, Paulo Abib Engineering and an Independent Project Consultant for the former Quimbrasil (Bunge) in Brazil.
In late Eighties he moved to Belgium and, as Prayon Rupel Technologies' (PRT) Director, in the 90´s he consolidated PRT as Phosphoric Acid Di Hydrate Technology world leader.
Last decade up to now he has been working for Bunge-Fosfértil (now Vale Fertilizers), in Brazil, Morroco and with other international "ad hoc" assignments.
Also an Independent Consultant ("P.A.S and Associates") for Phosphoric Acid and Mineral Chemicals Plants he is involved with players of five continents.
With the same stature of his masters, colleagues and friends Archie Vivian Slack, Jean Frochen and Pierre Becker, he is building plants and generations of technicians here in Brazil and around the world.
After his 73th Birthday he passed away quietly with family members.
We pay tribute to the "Professor Emeritus" of our art!

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