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Phosphate Misr - EGYPT (Abu Tartour)

Company details

• Established in 2009. Phosphate Misr is one of two major companies that produces Phosphate rocks in Egypt with production capacity of around 5 million tons a year from one of the biggest reserves in the world “Abu Tartour”. 
• On the other hand the company is on its way to sign a new contract for the exploration and exploitation of new
sites in the south of Egypt where it is expected to increase its production capacity of phosphate rocks in the near
Ore Reserves
• The Tremendous Phosphate Ores of the Plateau are currently being exploited by Phosphate Misr.
• The Phosphate seam spread all over the plateau covering an area of about 1200 km, only one tenth of that area had been geologically explored by means of 375 surface drill holes, indicating the presence of about 715 million ton of Phosphate reserves having an average seam thickness of about 3.5 meters.
• A small area of about 24 km out of the already explored area of the plateau had been selected to start developing the mine at the present stage.

They are tendering a Chemical Complex (for Phosphoric Acid) at the site.

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