sábado, 29 de outubro de 2011

Development of Phosphoric Acid Industry

Still moving from Europe and States to Africa, Asia and South America, phosphoric acid "will never end" is a guess...
When Phosrock will peak?
When it will "desapear"?
Better to say it will be so scarce that prices will skyrocket!
There are (with less effort compared to a bigger industry, like oil) lots of technicians calculating new reserves, ratio of comsumption, making projections...
My life is short. Resources must not be.
Even thinking in a two centuries period in advance is still hard.
It is like everyone was certain of a Apocalipsis that will fix all the figures, ending Earth and all the problems we need to confront...a scapist way of thinking.
Sustainability is a word.
By sure we will evolute to enzymes that catches and solubilizes P in phtates of plants, in DNA´s and RNA´s, from the waters, again from bones, manure, I dont know yet. A "more Organic" agriculture will depend much less in concentrated phosphates!
I know that now I need to take care of each pound of P2O5.
Plants are still far from the dreamed 100% yield...
There are so many percentages points of all phosphate run of mines layed off in rejects, in lagoon bottom beds, in gypsum piles, running to rivers...and one day we will use the relativelly abundant aluminum phosphates after the calcium ones.
I would like to know the future, but I do not believe in Nostradamus...

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