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Phosphoric Acid WPA in India (in the begning of 90's)

FACT Udogmandal set up in 1960 the first commercial, wet phosphoric acid plant with an installed capacity of 8000 TPA of P2O5. The two decades thereafter saw a significant growth in the manufacture of phosphoric acid with installed capacity increasing to 2.00 lakh TPA of P2O5 by 1970 and further to 6.60 lakh TPA of P2O5 by the end of 1980.
Over the years, the size of plants also registered an increase, going upto 1.00 lakh TPA of P2O5. Paradeep Phosphates' plant,, which is under construction, has rated
capacity of 2.25 lakh TPA of P2O5
There are presently thirteen (13) wet phosphoric acid units in the country, out of which twelve are based on sulphuric acid route and one on hydrochloric acid route.
Two of the plants are closed because of problems of equipment breakdown. Out of the three(3) thermal phosphoric acid units in the country, two have discontinued production because of high electrical power requirement resulting in very high production cost.
With the commissioning of Paradeep Phosphates and Hindustan Fertiliser Corporation's plants, the total installed capacity will increase to about 9.151 lakh TPA of P2O5 by the year 1989-90.

(lakh is a Indian multiplier thah is equl to 100.0000!)

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